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Download recrusive files inside index-of in Linux using wget

19 Apr 2016 » bash
$ wget -r --no-parent --reject "index.html*"

For me I have to pass the –no-parent option, otherwise it will follow the link in the directory index on my site to the parent directory. So the command would look like this:

wget -r --no-parent

Edit: To avoid downloading the index.html files, use this command:

wget -r --no-parent --reject "index.html*"

The Parameters are:

  • -r //recursive Download
  • --no-parent // Don´t download something from the parent directory
  • -l1 //just download the directory (tzivi in your case)
  • -l2 //download the directory and all level 1 subfolders (‘tzivi/something’ but not ‘tivizi/somthing/foo’)

And so on. If you insert no -l option, wget will use -l 5 automatically.
If you insert a -l 0 you´ll download the whole internet, because wget will follow every link it finds.